Special Student
Special Student

A special student may enroll for such subjects which in the opinion of the instructor and the Dean s/he has the necessary information and ability to pursue profitably.

S/He shall not be allowed to enroll for more than 9 units per semester or to register for more than two years, except by special permission of the Dean. Enrollment in a course
however, will depend on faculty prerogative and availability of slots/courses.

Subjects taken shall be non-credit although work may be reported at the end of each semester as “satisfactory“ (S) or “unsatisfactory” (U).

The application requirements are as follows:

TOEFL : 500 for paper-based ; 173 for computer-based ; 61 for internet-based
IELTS   : 5.5

UPLB Office of the University Registrar
Admission Section
G/F CAS Annex I Building
University of the Philippines Los Baños
4031 College, Los Baños, Laguna Philippines

Issuance of Application Result : Two weeks after the deadline of filing of applications.